Cadillac Assistance provides assistance to Cadillac owners with a wide range of services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout Europe. These services are available for a period of 36 consecutive months, beginning with the initial “In Service Date” of each eligible vehicle. Should any of these services be required, please contact the motoring club of the country that you are resident in (same language) or the telephone number of the country where assistance is required, or alternatively the International telephone number. The call should be made immediately before any other intervention is attempted.

You can find the Cadillac Assistance telephone numbers here below and in the Vehicle Warranty Manual booklet.

LOCAL: 0800-072 4791* or 00800-33 22 88 77*
INTERNATIONAL: 00800-33 22 88 77

*Toll Free

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With Cadillac Assistance you have reason to stay confident. Should you break down, Cadillac Assistance will arrange everything you need to get you to your destination easily and quickly through following services:

  • roadside assistance
  • towing and vehicle collection
  • car rental
  • onward or homeward travel
  • hotel accommodation
  • spare parts dispatch

For full details on services provided by Cadillac Assistance, please read below:


The area of coverage comprises the following specific countries. All other countries are excluded. Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

The duration of coverage is for three years, starting with the first in service date.

Under coverage are all vehicles sold through an authorised European Cadillac dealer. Rental vehicles, vehicles used by driving schools (during commercial use) and taxis are only eligible for Roadside Assistance and Towing.

Beneficiaries are all authorised drivers and all passengers up to the maximum included in the manufacturer's vehicle specification. Hitchhikers are excluded.

Cover shall not extend to incidents: caused by acts of God, war risks, strikes, seizures, constraint by government authorities, official interdiction, explosions of devices or nuclear or radioactive effects; arising during the participation in motor sport events and any relation training; causing cargo damage or loss of revenue; causing trailer damage; caused by a spare part or accessory installed in the vehicle, but not authorized by the Authorized Cadillac dealer; caused following the failure to perform the required maintenance; arising while operated by an unauthorized driver or a driver without a driving license.

The beneficiary must contact Roadside Assistance using the contact telephone number listed. If the beneficiary did not call the Assistance Centre for authorisation prior to any intervention, assistance may be refused. Services must be authorised by the Assistance Centre before implementation.

Attendance on the spot in case of breakdown will be organised. Roadside repair will be attempted in all cases except where this would go against local regulations (e.g. some highways). Service will be given on roads open to public traffic and at home. Additionally service will be provided off-road for “all-terrain/off-road” models where access is possible and is permissible by law. Service will also be given in following cases: failure of seat belts, broken windscreen wipers, malfunction of legally required external lights. This benefit will not include salvage operations.

After breakdown of the vehicle, where roadside repair is not possible, professional towage of the vehicle with or without trailer to the nearest Authorised Repairer location will be provided. If the breakdown occurs more than 200 kilometres away from the nearest Authorised Repairer location, or, if the nearest Authorised Repairer location is not reachable, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest repair facility authorised by Roadside Assistance. When the breakdown occurs in the town where the vehicle was originally sold, the vehicle should, at the beneficiary's discretion, be towed to the selling outlet for repair.

If in case of a breakdown, roadside repair is not possible and, if after towage of the vehicle to the Authorized Repairer location, the repair cannot be completed within two hours of the arrival at the Authorized Repairer location, the Assistance Centre will approve and arrange for a rental car to be provided during the duration of the repair up to a maximum of 15 calendar days. Fuel costs, insurance deductible are at the expense of the beneficiary. Maximum category D, preference will be given to brands of the GM group.

If in case of a breakdown, roadside repair is not possible and, if after Assistance Centre approved towage of the vehicle to the Authorized Repairer location, the repair cannot be completed during the day of the breakdown, travel for the beneficiaries will be reimbursed. This would entail reimbursement of the cost of First Class train ticket(s), or in the event that travel exceeds six hours, the cost of Economy Class flight ticket(s) for onward travel to the proven original destination or homeward travel, up to a maximum of EURO 613 per beneficiary (VAT included).

If the breakdown occurs 80 or more kilometres from home, roadside repair is not possible and after towage of the vehicle to the Authorised Repairer location the repair cannot be completed during the day of the breakdown, three star or equivalent hotel accommodation will be arranged by the Assistance Centre for the beneficiaries during the duration of the repair up to a maximum of four nights.

The benefits listed under Items 10 and 11 may be combined. It is recognized that in certain circumstances, these services may have to be combined and common sense judgments should prevail (e.g., one-night accommodation upon incident late at night, where no onward travel/replacement car services can be arranged).

Upon repair of the vehicle after a breakdown, the Assistance Centre will reimburse a First Class train ticket, or in the event that travel exceeds six hours, the cost of an Economy Class flight ticket, to the driver/owner or appointed representative (one person/one way only) for collecting the repaired vehicle from the place of repair up to a maximum cost of EURO 613 (VAT included). As an alternative and up to the travel cost with a maximum of the agreed cost in this article, if the place of repair is more than 80 kilometres from beneficiary's home address, the Assistance Centre can approve the repatriation costs to the beneficiary's home address.

If breakdown occurs abroad and the necessary parts are not available through the Authorised Repairer in the country where the incident occurred, arrangement of dispatch and customs clearance formalities and transportation costs, excluding custom duties, for spare parts to the Authorised Repairer will be provided. The costs of the spare parts will be borne by the Authorised Repairer if covered by the warranty, or by the beneficiary if not covered by the warranty.

In the case of accident, theft, or vandalism, organization of the services described above will be provided, only costs for the services will be borne by the beneficiaries.


Authorised Repairer shall mean the network of authorised Cadillac repairers.

Shall mean any individual who is entitled to receive Mobility Services within the terms and conditions set out in this contract through his/her authorised use of the Vehicle.

Shall mean an event that occurs when the vehicle collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, animal, road debris, or other geographical or architectural obstacle having a direct and sudden impact on the vehicle and resulting in the immediate immobilization of the vehicle.

Shall mean any sudden and unexpected failure of the vehicle caused by original mechanical or electrical equipment breakdown or failure leading to the immediate immobilization of the vehicle. This includes incidents such as the unforeseen leakage of fuel, tire punctures, broken keys, battery failure (e.g., radio not switched off) of self-inflicted breakdowns such as lost or locked-in keys or running out of fuel. Defects of a trailer shall not be considered a breakdown. Accidents, fire not caused by vehicle components, and theft shall not be considered a breakdown.

The date at which the vehicle is delivered to the beneficiary for the first time and as recorded on the certificate completed and validated by the selling Cadillac dealer.

Shall mean that following a breakdown, accident, vandalism, or theft, either the vehicle is not operational at home or on roads accessible to the ARC service provider, so that the journey cannot be started or continued with the vehicle, or that the vehicle cannot be driven under safe conditions as required by law.

Shall mean the period of three years during which the beneficiary is entitled to receive the mobility services, starting from the first in service date.

Shall mean a non-technical failure of the vehicle resulting in the immediate immobilization of the vehicle.

Vehicles without an engine, especially conceived and licensed for transporting persons or goods being pulled by the beneficiary vehicle complying, at the moment of the incident, with all local specific regulations.

Shall mean all Cadillac motor vehicles sold through the official Cadillac European Distribution Networks reported to ARC, which comply with the following specifications: A. Maximum 9 seats B. Maximum width: 2.5 metres C. Maximum length: 16 metres (including any associated trailer) D. Maximum height: 3.2 metres E. Maximum gross weight: 3500 kgs